I recently had the opportunity to engage Mr. Nassimi’s services as a consultant/expert witness on a litigation matter involving complex issues arising out of the electronics parts business. The case involved many issues, including industry custom and practice, pricing and import/export issues. Mr. Nassimi brought a wealth of real world experience, combined with high energy and enthusiasm for the case. He was a pleasure to work with, and was instrumental in obtaining a favorable result for the client.

I would heartily recommend his services as an expert witness. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Craig S. Sunada, Sunada Law Firm LLP


“It was my pleasure to work with Shary Nassimi as our expert witness in a lawsuit involving an alleged electronic design defect. His knowledge of the very specialized field of in-car electronics and his understanding of the facts of the case made it an easy working relationship. I would recommend Mr. Nassimi’s services as a consultant or retained expert witness”.

Kirk Comer, Wasserman Comden Casselman & Esensten LLP


“Shary is a dynamic individual with a crisp understanding of the intersection of the law, technology, and business. He has incredible business acumen and is a fearless negotiator. I have had the privilege of working with him (and even learning from him) on a number of occasions, and would highly recommend him, whether as a business advisor, technical expert, or strategist.”

David Nocilly, Member (Partner), Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC


“Those looking for an expert consultant in the realm of technology and/or business need look no further. Mr. Nassimi’s rare blend of integrity, efficiency, business acumen, hands-on technological know-how and affability make him the perfect addition to any business facing litigation or just looking for brilliant new ideas. He is a self-made man who built a multi-million dollar business with nothing to recommend him but his innate skills, talents, charm and intellect. In my business I work with some of the greatest minds in the intellectual property, technology, and business fields. Mr. Nassimi stands out.”

Wendy Levenson Dean, Circuit Mediation Officer, United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit , DC


“Mr. Nassimi impressed me then, as he has continued to do, with his integrity, enthusiasm, drive, innovation and know-how. On a business level, he combines engineering, electronics, manufacturing and marketing knowledge and savvy with natural business acumen. On a personal level, he is extremely personable, principled and persuasive.”
In court, deposition and testimony, Mr. Nassimi displayed extreme professionalism, knowledge of facts, law and the technicalities of testimony as both 701 and 702 experts. His total comfort in testimony, his cool and sharp demeanor was instrumental in winning both our cases. I highly recommend Mr. Nassimi for expert witness work of all types involving technical as well as IP and contractual matters.

Louise Sommers, Partner, Miller Korzenik Sommers LLP

“I had the great pleasure to work with Shary in a patent infringement dispute and at trial in federal court. Shary’s mastery of the facts of the case, knowledge of the technical details and cool strategic mind, made him a joy to work with and helped win the case.”
Dan Friedman, Special Counsel, Saul Ewing LLP

“Re: Qualifications of Shary Nassimi as a Patent Expert

I have worked closely with Mr. Shary Nassimi over the last five years on numerous patent related matters. In particular, I have assisted Mr. Nassimi with litigation matters and with preparing and prosecuting patent applications where he was the inventor. It is my understanding that he is the named inventor on at least fifteen issued patents and several pending patent applications.

With respect to patent litigation, I worked with Mr. Nassimi on two multi-million dollar patent infringement matters involving products that he had invented and his corporation manufactured and sold. Throughout the course of both matters, Mr. Nassimi proved to be very adept at handling both technical and legal issues, and was a reliable and confident witness at deposition and at trial.

In the first case, Mr. Nassimi was deposed several times in his individual capacity and as the designated Rule 30(b)(6) witness for his company. It was clear from the outset that Mr. Nassimi had the depth of understanding of the technical issues to competently answer questions and refute contentions being made by the deposing attorney. More importantly, however, Mr. Nassimi had the ability to foresee traps being set by opposing counsel and think beyond the questions being asked to ensure that he was not jeopardizing the litigation strategy.

Mr. Nassimi was also instrumental in helping to prepare the infringement defense for his company. He routinely searched for and found relevant prior art, contacted potential non-party sources, and analyzed the opposing party’s positions. Mr. Nassimi also assisted in the preparation of the technical and legal positions that were taken during the course of the case and worked tirelessly to develop a winning strategy. Mr. Nassimi displays a high level of expertise in patent claim construction and markman hearings. The favorable outcome in the matter was due, in large part, to strategies Mr. Nassimi devised and directed.

In the second infringement case, Mr. Nassimi was again deposed in his individual capacity and as the designated Rule 30(b )( 6) witness for his company.

Mr. Nassimi also served as a technical 702 expert at trial on the issue of patent invalidity. Once again, he demonstrated a command of the technical and legal issues involved in patent cases, and provided sound testimony to support the case that was well-received by the jury.

Finally, Mr. Nassimi lead and conducted the appeals hearing and personally caused the appellant to give up at the federal district of Columbia. His ability to crush the opponent’s case was a joy to observe.

It was a pleasure to work with an expert witness that understood the complicated technical and legal issues involved in a patent infringement case.

More importantly, it is rare to have any witness that has both the technical knowledge and the ability to think on his or her feet at trial and under cross-examination.

Very truly yours, David L. Nocilly Direct: 315-218-8530”

“It is with great pleasure that I write this endorsement for Shary Nassimi. Shary created and managed one of the most dynamic, leading-edge companies recognized in the Pacific Northwest. I had the privilege of servicing International Electronics as an Account Manager for 10+ years and later becoming a member of his Sales Team.

The success of IEI can be attributed to Shary’s multi-faced talents; he is highly technical and holds multiple patents. His Engineering expertise, combined with his vast knowledge and success in Manufacturing, Marketing, Inventory Control, Vendor Relations and Public Relations all contributed to the success of IEI, as well as his loyalty and fairness towards his employees. He guided many Semiconductor Manufacturers into the creation of technology that was yet to be discovered.

It is again my pleasure to tell you that it has been my privilege to know and have been a part of this dynamic company with Shary Nassimi as its Leader.”

Sharon Brommer, Sales & Marketing, B. Gunther & Company, Inc.

“Mr. Shary Nassimi has been a Malibu resident since 2003. In the years that Mr. Nassimi has resided in Malibu, he has established extensive roots and network of friends and associates and has been an active member of our City. I came to know of Mr. Nassimi when he spoke before the Malibu Planning Commission when he was seeking approvals to build a 16,000 square foot project. His mannerism and passion, his abilities and honesty impressed me and the rest of the Malibu City Counsel. Mr. Nassimi has become a close confidant to me and I not only speak and confide in him almost daily, but he has become a trusted friend to Malibu.
Mr. Nassimi recently received a letter from the Governor of California regarding one of his latest published articles, thanking him for his contribution to the State of California. This goes to the level of his passion and contribution to Malibu. Recently, Mr. Nassimi’s 14 year old son, Isaac, was elected to serve on the Malibu Youth Commission. I sincerely recommend Mr. Nassimi as a loyal and powerful advocate in any business or law situation.”

Andy Stern, Mayor


“Shary is an aggressive businessman who understands how to get things done and get the best results from what he is given. He is extremely engaging, principled and personal. Even though I was at the start of my career he took me in, trusted me and believed in me when most did not. I owe him allot, from great advise on what it takes to ‘make it’ to teaching me to believe in myself.”
Skyler Stever, Producer, Belo


“I worked at International Electronics, Inc. as a Sales Manager for a product line of manufacturing equipment imported from Asia. Shary was always very professional, creative, and resourceful as a manager and the owner of the company. I would highly recommend Shary for any position that involves creativity, imagination, and flexibility. He seems to have the “Golden Touch” when it comes to business. Please call me direct at any time. I would be happy to give Shary only the very best recommendation possible.”
Mike Gunderson, President, MaRC Technologies

“Shary is results oriented, smart and a visionary. He was a wonderful client to work for consecutively for two years. Even though were are 3000 miles apart we communicated well and got the job done together. I highly recommend Shary as a business partner in the field of marketing, PR, advertising and media.”
Sheila Hamowy, Owner, Media City