In 2004, Mr. Nassimi created, specified and directed the total design, tooling, manufacturing and distribution of a wide array of Wireless Intercom and Wireless Access + Communication products.

In conjunction with Atmel, Xemics and Analog Devices corporations, Mr. Nassimi’s company International Electronics, Inc. developed this extensive lines of products, utilizing Mr. Nassimi’s patented and patent pending communication, security and power algorithms, creating intercoms which operated continuously on batteries for up to 2 years without need for charging or powering down between uses.


The Reporter and Oracle line of intercom systems included:

Multi Channel, Secure intercoms with up to 1000 feet of range

Water Resistant Intercom Systems for use outdoors

Wireless Doorbell and Intercoms with 1000 feet of range

Long battery life, up to 200 times the closest competitors

Security and Motion Sensors combined with Intercom

Complete Access Control and Intercom, Wireless