Mr. Nassimi conceptualized, specified, created, developed, produced and ultimately marketed an array of highly advanced wireless headset products.
Mr. Nassimi creates a specification for a wireless headset system which features a power consumption of only 3 mw (90% lower than Bluetooth), with high security.


The productHeadse3 design featured the ability to charge via inductive coupling, with an alternate of use of hearing aid batteries, which would eliminate the need for charging altogether.

With the use of #675 hearing aid batteries, the final product achieved over 3 months of stand-by and 80 hours of talk time.

Three designs of the headset were tooled. Each version incrementally smaller and more refined.


Mr. Nassimi contracts with Fujitsu corporation to create an integrated circuit.
Fujitsu ultimately is unable to reach the goals of the design specifications.
Three alternate engineering firms are contracted.

Mr. Nassimi and his engineering team select Xemics, Atmel and Nordic Semiconductor corporations in conjunction with LSR engineering to assist in the creation of the headsets. PRESS RELEASE

Mr. Nassimi retains the VP of sales of Jabra corporation as the national sales manager VP in charge of the headset products.

A set of television branding commercials are created and approved by a major telephone service and products manufacturer, as well as the largest chain of electronics in the world.

Numerous patents in the headset technology have been applied for and grated to Mr. Nassimi.